Indie developer VestGames announced their Among Us-like social deduction, murder mystery multiplayer game Eville. It’s coming to Steam PC later this year via Early Access, but you can try the free demo right now.

Eville takes place in a fantasy medieval village as players take on the roles of Citizens. But one player is randomly given the role of murderous Conspirator. The Conspirator’s goal is to kill everyone, while the Citizens try to identify the murderer among them before it’s too late. The social deduction gameplay should be familiar to fans of Among Us, or the tabletop card game One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Citizens will need to use their unique roles, social skills, and NPC villagers to identify the killer. Special roles include the trap-laying trapper, the vote-empowering mayor, or the duplicitous slanderer.

Citizens can purchase tools and items to help find the killer, while Conspirators can break into homes and murder Citizens while they sleep at night. Eville features a day night cycle where villagers roam around town during the day and rest at night, the perfect time for the killer to strike.

The demo is limited to Easy Mode with fewer roles available, and you can only play a total of 10 matches. The demo will only be available from now until Feb. 9 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

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