Asmodee, one of the biggest board game publishers around the world, has announced the results of a year-long clinical study proving that board games can be highly beneficial to those suffering from Alzheiemer’s.

The study is called Cognitive – Adaptation – Behavior, and was conducted by Game in Lab, a board game research group created by Asmodee Research and Innovation Factory. A summary of the study can be found here.

The study included a survey of healthcare professionals and caregivers, board game tests, and a clinical study with 20 participants, with an average age of 84. Games used in the study were card games Dobble (known as Spot it! in the US) and Timeline.

The study shows that board games can be a valuable tool to engage patients if the gameplay and theme fits their interest. Professional training must be given to primary caregivers, and game rules should be adapted to suit the needs of the patient.

“Over the past year, board games have enabled us all to play together, in the comfort and tranquility of our homes, providing some relief, adventure and pleasure. However, we are convinced that playing games harbors greater potential and can play a true educational and even clinical role in our society,” said Stéphane Carville, CEO, Asmodee. “Via Asmodee Research, we intend to demonstrate the tremendous impact playing games have on our brains and are delighted to support additional projects which can identify, research and prove new and important ways that games can help society.”

Game in Lab is the first project by Asmodee Research, with the goal of exploring scientific interests on modern board games, funding projects, and spreading research and knowledge. Applications are now open for new research projects.

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