NeocoreGames announced that tactical-RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is out now via Steam Early Access, for $34.99.

Knight’s Tale is a tactical, XCOM-like RPG set in the rich medieval-mythological world of King Arthur, with a dark twist. As Sir Mordred, the former rival of King Arthur, you’ll build your own Knights of the Round Table from a cast of over 30 heroes in five different classes. Like XCOM, Fire Emblem, and other tactical-RPGs, death is permanent, and care must be taken to plan ahead for each battle.

You’ll also need to manage your knights’ loyalties to each other and to you, through decisions you make. The full game will feature 20 story missions, not including side quests, from castles and dungeons to mystical forests, and over 50 enemy types among seven different factions.

In addition to tactical battles, you’ll need to manage the realm of Avalon, including rebuilding Camelot and expanding with new buildings and upgrades.

The Early Access version includes two story missions and “several” side missions, along with seven heroes from four of the five classes, with a level cap of five. Early Access is expected to last for several months as the developer gathers feedback.

The full release will be later this year on PC, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, with a final price of $39.99.

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