During The Game Awards 2020, Capcom showcased a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, which is set to release on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Most importantly they also announced a free demo, coming January 2021.

The free demo will give players the first chance to try Monster Hunter Rise, including the new Wirebug tool and Palamute companion, both of which are helpful for tacking monsters.

The lengthy trailer doesn’t feature a monster until about 90 seconds in, showing the town of Kamura Village, the primary location for Monster Hunter Rise.

Four monsters are shown in the trailer, two of which are completely new. The returning monsters from previous games are the scaly fish-like Royal Ludroth and the poisonous Great Wroggi.

One new monster is the Bishaten, which looks like a cross between a bat and a baboon. Bishaten attacks with multiple tail attacks and spin moves, and can eat and store persimmons in its stomach, which it will gleefully hurl at hunters.

The other new monster is the Somnacath, which resembles a gigantic eel. The Somnacath can breathe out a sleep gas that incapacitates hunters, leaving them open for follow-up attacks.

The trailer also reveals a new location, the water-logged Flooded Forest, and teases the new rampage events, where hunters need to prepare the defenses of the village against a powerful new threat.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available March 26, 2021. The demo will arrive in January, with more details forthcoming. It’s rated T for Teen.

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