More people than ever before are playing games at home thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic. According to research by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, that’s okay! The ESRB is launching a new video series called “Stay Well, Play Well” to help parents manage their kids’ gaming and keep them safe.

“With fewer options for kids to socialize outside of the house, video games are providing a fun and effective way to maintain connections with friends. To no one’s surprise, our research shows that many parents have eased up on their rules restricting the amount of time their kids can play,” writes Patricia E. Vance, president, ESRB. “Video games can also provide a whole host of other benefits, including the development of strategic thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills.”

The six-video series each features different parental tools, including the three-part ESRB rating system and ESRB’s Family Discussion Guide.

Each video is less than a minute long, and features parents and experts like Dr. Rachel Kowert. Dr. Kowert is a research director for Take This, a nonprofit that provides mental health resources to the gaming community. She’s also a mom who loves games as much as her kids do.

ESRB ratings include content descriptors, online interactions, and in-game purchases, and can be found on digital games as well. More information on the ESRB and parental tools can be found at their website.

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