Team17 has released the latest entry in the Worms series. Worms Rumble is the first in the franchise to feature real-time battles, using the Battle Royale formula to leave one worm standing. It’s out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

PlayStation owners have no excuse: taking a page from Fall Guys’ launch a few months ago, Worms Rumble is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of December. The competitive online action game also supports crossplay with PC gamers on Steam.

At launch, Worms Rumble offers three gameplay modes. Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing are a fight for survival for solo players and teams of up to 32 players. A standard deathmatch mode is also available, along with three maps.

Like every other online action game, you’ll be earning experience, leveling up, and unlocking cosmetic outfits for your worms. If you want a head start, you can purchase the Action All-Stars Pack and Legends Pack DLCs, which feature themed outfits in multiple colors.

The Worms series has been around since the 90s as tactical turn-based action games, in which teams of worms (controlled by one player each, or an AI) face off on a 2D (and sometimes 3D) battlefield. The series was known for its humor, variety of weapons with artillery-based attacks, and destructible terrain.

As a real-time, multiplayer-only online game with Battle Royale modes, Worms Rumble represents a significant departure from the series, though it does feature 2D gameplay with 3D backgrounds (think Smash Bros.).

Worms Rumble is available now on PC (Steam) and PlayStation. Team17 has pledged to release free content and updates in the coming weeks and months.

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