Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is still in the midst of its first competitive season, and developer Mediatonic has pushed a big update to address the rampant cheating that plagues the popular online game. And also add a big, roaming hammer called Big Yeetus.

The update specifically implement’s Epic’s Anti-Cheat software, which is also used for Fortnite. The EAC should prevent players from using third-party tools to hack into the game to gain faster speed and other unfair advantages.

Many levels have also been remixed, with new obstacles, random rotations, and more tumbling fruit. But the biggest new addition, literally, is a giant swinging hammer named Big Yeetus. Big Yeetus will roam around levels to give the little beans a huge shove forward. Sometimes it’s a big boon, and other times it’s a hilarious fall. Such is the whim of Big Yeetus!

The update also improves stability between rounds, leading to fewer disconnections and faster round loading. Some levels have also had their minimum player counts lowered to increase round variety.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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