While Nintendo quietly drops the “Nindies” moniker, their support for indie games on the Switch continues unabated. The latest Indie World Showcase video streamed this week, presenting a number of trailers and indie game announcements coming to Switch, many as timed exclusives.

This time around, there’s a particularly fun focus on international indie studios, including Argentina, Spain, and the UK.

“Independent developers from around the world have continued to find a home on Nintendo Switch,” said Steve Singer, VP of Developer Relations, Nintendo of America. “Developers get to launch their games on a system that can be played at home or taken on the go, while fans can enjoy a rapidly growing library of these diverse and inspired indie games.”

You can watch the full 20-minute broadcast above, and enjoy our highlighted games below.

Exit the Gungeon

A spin-off sequel to Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon takes the same bullet-hell shooter and puts you in a series of moving elevators and changing weapons.
Available now! (timed exclusive)

The Last Campfire

Hello Games’ first game since the infamous No Man’s Sky is much smaller in scope, but full of heart.  You’ll journey through 3D puzzle worlds to light The Last Campfire.
Release: Summer 2020

Blue Fire

Blue Fire is a 3D platformer in a strange world known as the void, developed by Argentina games studio Robi Studios. It’s launching as a timed console exclusive on Switch.
Release: Summer 2020 (timed exclusive)

I Am Dead

Published by Annapurna Interactive, I Am Dead isn’t a horror game but a wholesome-looking puzzle adventure, using your ghostly powers to help the people of your island.
Release: 2020 (timed exclusive)


B.ARK is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up starring pets blasting their way through space, and supports couch co-op.
Release: Late 2020 (timed exclusive)

Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse: Part 1

Freakpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic adventure based on the humorous comic world of Cyanide & Happiness.
Release: Spring 2020 (timed exclusive)

Summer in Mara

Spanish studio Chibig is developing a charming life sim game that includes farming, crafting, and exploring your own archipelago in Summer in Mara.
Release: Spring 2020 (timed exclusive)

Eldest Souls

Pixelated action-RPG Eldest Souls is nothing but boss battles, with a high level of combat customization.
Release: Summer 2020 (timed exclusive)

Other indie game Switch announcements include Swery’s The Good Life adventure, PC digital card game Faeria, local co-op physics puzzler Moving Out, and Studio Ghibli-inspired RPG Baldo. Indie fans and Switch owners should have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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