Polish development team Art Games Studio announced release dates for Pooplers. Pooplers is a local multiplayer co-op and competitive party game in which you play as toddlers. It’s coming to PC (Steam) on March 12, and on Nintendo Switch next week on March 20.

In Pooplers players take on the roles of playful babies – when no one is watching, they spread around the house and smudge the floor. Their goal is to cover as much surface, as possible and become the master of mess!

The mess the toddlers leave behind is depicted in different colors, making the action look more like Splatoon than some kind of horror movie. Toddlers can gain different abilities, such as releasing bombs that create bigger splash zones. Gross. In addition to competing for the biggest mess, parents are also roaming around and will catch naughty toddlers, returning them to their bed for a time-out.

The standard game mode can be played via free for all or teams. Pooplers also includes several other game modes besides house-smearing, including team vs. team soccer matches and a co-op zombie survival mode. Toddlers can be customized in a number of different outfits, hats, and colors.

Multiplayer is limited to couch co-op using split-screen or shared screen for up to four players, but AI bots can be used to fill out player slots.

Pooplers is coming to PC March 12 and Switch on March 20. Note that the PC version requires a controller, and will not support mouse and keyboard controls.

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