Crytivo Games (The Universim) along with developer Vidloonnya Reborn revealed an upcoming puzzle adventure game “driven by the power of friendship, love, and courage,” called Sayri: The Beginning. Watch the teaser trailer above.

Sayri is a four-legged alien creature who crash lands on a different alien planet. They’ll need to explore the new world, make friends, and overcome challenges to make it back home.

Whereas many games might you have battling the local wildlife, all the locals Sayri meets are helpful and friendly. Each has unique skills and talents used to solve various puzzles and challenges around the world. Sayri’s own telekinetic powers make it easy to befriend and beseech these new allies.

The adventure game is non-violent and family-friendly. I was particularly struck with the following description:

Sayri: The Beginning is designed to captivate people of all ages. The psychological complexity of the story will inspire your imagination, while the vibrant character designs will appeal to your inner child. If you want the video game equivalent of a warm hug, this might just be it.

Sayri: The Beginning is coming to PC and as of yet unannounced consoles later this year. An official Discord server is available to join the community, and you can sign up for an email newsletter at the official website.

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