Humble is publishing a Pokémon-like MMORPG by Spanish developer CremaGames, called Temtem. After several months of alpha testing, Temtem is launching on Steam Early Access on January 21, 2020. Watch the new overview video above.

Temtem is an online multiplayer creature-collecting adventure that takes place on a series of floating islands, called the Airborne Archipelago. Players take on the role of a Temtem trainer to find, catch, breed, and battle the various Temtem creatures that inhabit the world.

A full story campaign is available as players journey across all six islands, battling Dojo trainers and fighting against the evil Clan Belsoto.

The online world is also inhabited by other players and their own Temtem. Trainers can join forces and fight alongside each other in dual battles. When battling solo, trainers also use two Temtem at a time, greatly increasing the strategic potential and synergy of each fight. Trainers can also fight competitively with a MOBA-like draft mode to pick and ban Temtem before the match.

As a MMORPG, Temtem offers customization options for your avatar, as well as the ability to buy and decorate your own house, and invite your friends.

CremaGames ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund Temtem in 2018, where it raised over $500,000 before partnering with Humble.

The final game is coming to consoles, including Switch, but the Early Access version dropping on Jan. 21 will be limited to PC. It will feature about half the story content (three islands), but will feature co-op. If you want to jump in even earlier you can sign up for limited Stress Tests leading up to the Early Access launch.

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