Two-person Canadian indie studio MinMax Games (Space Pirates and Zombies) has announced Golftopia, which is described as a “retro-futuristic golf management sim, tower defense, pinball hybrid.” It’s coming early 2020 to Steam PC.

In Golftopia you’re tasked with building a golf course resort in a neon-soaked future world of people tubes, hoverboards, and virulent weeds.

You’ll be using a lot more than sand traps and hills to define your courses. Golftopia borrows from mini-golf and pinball machines along with its own sci-fi flavoring to add new hazards and challenges, like bumpers, teleporters, and wind turbines. And yes, you can play through your own devious designs and level up your own golf skills.

Temperamental visitors need to be kept happy and fed, so the course will also need hotels, restaurants, and putting greens. Up to 200 golfers can visit the course repeatedly, with each visitor potentially spanning 100 different complaints or suggestions.

The hyper-aggressive foliage is where the tower defense portion comes in, as you’ll need to empower defensive turrets and robotic workers to keep your course neat and trimmed.

Golftopia is slated to arrive in Q1 2020 on PC (Steam).

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