During this week’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Square Enix announced the release date for Trials of Mana: April 24, 2020 for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Switch. Watch the new trailer above, which features English voice over for the first time.

Trials of Mana is a full HD remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, the third game in the Mana RPG series that originally released in Japan in 1995. Unlike Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana never made its way to the US – until earlier this summer, when it was ported to the Nintendo Switch as part of the Collection of Mana.

The remake features 3D graphics, real-time combat, and updated gameplay for modern audiences. Players select three party members from a pool of six heroes to battle the forces of evil to protect Mana.

Pre-orders for Trials of Mana are available now. If you pre-order or purchase the game before May 21, 2020 you will receive the Rabite Adornment DLC, which boosts early game EXP up to level 10. Pre-ordering the digital version from the PlayStation Store also includes an exclusive avatar set of the game’s six different heroes. Steam pre-orders will instead receive an exclusive wallpaper set (as well as the Rabite Adornment DLC).

Trials of Mana has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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