The biggest reveal during the Bethesda E3 2019 press conference was a deeper look at the highly anticipated DOOM sequel, DOOM Eternal. Id Software showed off the new multiplayer Battle Mode, a trailer for the new campaign, and revealed the release date: November 22.

The DOOM Slayer returns to repel a demonic invasion of Earth, by killing everything in his path. DOOM Eternal adds new abilities for the shoulder-mounted Equipment Launcher like Flame Belch, and new weapons like the ammo-less Chainsaw and energy-bladed Crucible. New traversal skills such as scaling walls and punching through walls open up the levels even further while still keeping in tone with the fast-paced action and violence.

The newly revealed BATTLEMODE features a unique 2v1, Best of Five setup. One player plays as the Slayer while the other two take on the role of the demons. Not only do the demon players inhabit creatures like the Revenant or Mancubus, but can also spawn AI-controlled reinforcements. The Slayer can take advantage of these extra foes to gain health through Glory Kills, however.

Pre-orders are now available for DOOM Eternal, including the Deluxe Edition which includes the Year One Pass, Demonic Slayer Skin, and Classic Weapons Pack. DOOM Eternal is out November 22 on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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