The second DLC expansion for hospital sim Two Point Hospital is Pebberley Island. Like the first DLC, Pebberley Island adds three new hospitals and scenarios, along with 34 new illnesses in the exotic new location. The DLC will launch on March 18 for $9.99. A 10% pre-order discount is running now.

The DLC follows the adventures of Wiggy Silverbottom. Wiggy is on a quest for the secrets of eternal life. At the same time he’s funded a series of hospitals on the island, spread out over three scenarios. The first takes place at Pebberley Reef. The challenge here is a lack of experienced staff, as well as dangerous and erratic weather.

The second scenario is Overgrowth, which takes place deeper in the jungle, and features mysterious plants and riddles. The third takes place high atop the Topless Mountains. Wiggy’s crew will be shipping back loads of sick people from his expedition. Hospital admins will need to prepare for waves of more and more people to take care of.

To add to the new challenges, 34 illnesses have also been added, including 10 with new visual graphics. New illnesses include Wanderlust, which sounds a bit like thrill-seeking, and Blank Look, which requires hydraulic machinery to fix. New treasures and decorations can also be earned by completing these scenarios, all tied to the tropical theme.

Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island will launch on March 18. Two Point Hospital is available on PC (Steam). It’s rated E10+ with Animated Blood and Crude Humor.

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