One-man indie developer Wakefield Interactive and indie publisher Whitehorn Digital have announced that Where the Bees Make Honey will be arriving to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next month.

Where the Bees Make Honey is an adventure puzzle game starring a woman named Sunny. As Sunny reflects back on her childhood, the gameplay shifts from first-person to an isometric view, as she determines what do to with her life. Some of the childhood sections look reminiscent of Captain Toad as Sunny navigates around cube-like levels. Puzzle designs and gameplay shifts and changes along with the seasons, including arcade-style racing and stealthy sections.

The title is a reference to Sunny wearing a bee costume as a child. The game focuses on the imagination we have as children playing, and nostalgia for those moments.

“At the beginning and ending of the game, I propose creating a professional quality, voice-acted cinematic short film to tell the story,” said Brian Wilson of Wakefield Interactive. “While gameplay will be from the perspective of Sunny when she is young, the story will be told by Sunny when she’s older, reflecting on the time when she was young. This allows the player to experience a profound sense of nostalgia as they recall, or replay, memories alongside Sunny.”

Whitehorn Digital is a publisher that specializes in “off beat, narrative-heavy, wildly unique video game experiences.” The previously published Bombfest with Sudden Event Studios. Where the Bees Make Honey will arrive March 2019. It’s been rated E for Everyone.

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