Polish indie developer Varsav Game Studios announced a partnership with French publisher BigBen for their upcoming family game, Bee Simulator. The partnership will allow a simultaneous launch for Bee Simulator on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, as well as a special boxed version of the game. Bee Simulator is now scheduled to release at the end of the year.

“It’s a great pleasure to have such an experienced partner like BigBen as a publisher for our upcoming Bee Simulator game. As a unique mix of action game with elements of simulation, and definitely with an educational mission, we deeply believe that Bee Simulator has great potential. Potential not only to give players huge amounts of fun and entertainment from being a bee, but also by increasing their knowledge of the nature that surrounds them, and maybe even change their work-life-nature balance,” says Łukasz Rosiński, Founder and co-CEO of Varsav Game Studios.

The new partnership promises a “bigger and better Bee Simulator.” You play as a worker bee operating out of Central Park in New York City. A single player story tasks you with protecting your hive from all manner of threats, including humans. There’s also a free roam mode that lets you explore the area at your own pace and interact with people, animals, and insects.

Bee Simulator also supports split-screen local multiplayer, in both co-op and competitive. It’s designed as a kid-friendly game with social awareness and educational aspects that can teach players about the plight of bees on our planet. It will feature a soothing soundtrack by Polish artist Mikołaj Stroiński (The Witcher 3).

Bee Simulator is due out at the end of the year on PC and consoles. Read about our brief hands-on time with the game at PAX South 2019.

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