Gamevice announced that its series of mobile controllers now officially support Fortnite, thanks to the latest 7.3 update.

“Fortnite’s initial release on iOS was a watershed moment in the history of mobile gaming. It doesn’t get any bigger than this, for mobile gaming, and for the world of mobile gaming controllers,” states the official blog post.

As Gamevice mentions in their blog post, the mobile version of Fortnite is the exact same version as PC and console. The only difference – mobile gamers had to use the touchscreen, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

For Android users the Gamevice controller, which physically attaches to your phone or tablet, functions the exact same as a console controller, with the same key bindings.

For iOS controls, however, Apple lacks support for the L3 and R3 functions – pressing in the analog sticks. Gamevice got around this with two methods. For Fortnite, L3 is how you sprint. But Fortnite defaults to automatically sprint whenever it detects a controller. R3 lets you crouch and repair structures, which has been moved to one of the d-pad buttons. The Gamevice controller also lets you remap the buttons however you want.

Epic Games worked directly with Gamevice to improve matchmaking. Fortnite players using a controller on mobile have a big advantage versus those still on a touchscreen. Thus the game will try and matchmaker controller users together when auto-matchmaking.

Gamevice controllers support over 1,000 different mobile games, and Fortnite is a critical grab. These specialized controllers don’t come cheap however, ranging from $79-99 for smartphones and tablet-size.

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