It’s been two years since Square Enix released the highly anticipated RPG Final Fantasy XV. Numerous DLC packs have been released, including a multiplayer expansion. During a live stream event, Square Enix announced a new standalone edition of Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Comrades for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, coming December 12 for $9.99.

Multiplayer allows up to four players to join forces and complete quests and hunt bosses in c-op. This new release also adds 10 new bosses.

This new standalone version will include only FFXV’s multiplayer mode, which was originally added as an expansion last year. Note that this standalone version will technically replace the previously released Comrades expansion for Final Fantasy XV. Owners of the Comrades expansion will be able to get the new standalone version for free.

Some criticisms have been levied at Square Enix for overproducing numerous DLC packs for Final Fantasy XV over the last two years. During the stream, they made the surprising announcement that all remaining planned DLC save one has been canceled – and FFXV director Hajime Tabata has left the Square Enix to start his own game company.

The next planned DLC expansion, Episode Ardyn, is still on track for a March 2019 release. It stars the game’s main antagonist and is set before the events of FFXV. The DLC will be accompanied by an anime episode, Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn – Prologue.

There were previous plans to release future DLC packs based on characters Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctics, but those have all been canceled. Episode Ardyn will mark the final DLC release for Final Fantasy XV, which originally launched in November 2016.

Final Fantasy XV was ported to PC earlier this year in a special Windows Edition. The Windows Edition already includes most of the DLC, including Comrades. Final Fantasy XV is rated T for Teen.

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