The digital educational series Reader Rabbit has found new life on Apple TV, courtesy of Swedish company Games4Kids. Games4Kids has released Reader Rabbit: Jumpsmarter exclusively on the Apple TV store for $2.99.

Reader Rabbit: Jumpsmarter is aimed at preschool age kids in the early years of discovering gaming. It’s a classic side-scrolling platformer set within a cheery, fairy tale-themed world. The Big Bad Wolf has stolen all of the carrots, and Reader Rabbit has to journey through forests, villages, and caves to collect them all. Reader Rabbit is equipped with acorns to defeat pesky hedgehogs.

Reader Rabbit also collects books and letters to spell words while playing.

The Reader Rabbit series originally began in the 1980s as ‘edutainment’ software on the Apple II, followed by Math Rabbit and Writer Rabbit. The series was instrumental in promoting the use of computers and games as teaching tools in schools and at home. The series won numerous educational awards throughout the 1990s. In the 2000s, the series made the transition to the LeapFrog mobile devices.

In a way, Jumpsmarter is a return to the series roots as it arrives on Apple hardware.

Reader Rabbit: Jumpsmarter requires Apple TV tvOS 11.0 and supports any Apple TV controller. It’s rated 4+ and has no in-app purchases.

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