French indie developer La Moutarde announced retro rhythm game, Old School Musical, coming next month to Switch and PC (Steam) on September 13. Pre-orders are available now for $12.99.

Old School Musical stars Rob and Tib as they journey their way through over 20 nostalgic 8-bit levels heavily inspired from classic racing, platforming, shooting, and role-playing games of the era. As a rhythm game, players must correctly sync up with flying notes on the screen to progress through each level.

The soundtrack is drawn from the 80s and 90s era of gaming. It features over 50 exclusive chiptune tracks, including top artists in the genre like Dubmood and Zabutom. You can listen to several of the tracks via Soundcloud.

In addition to the campaign Story Mode, the game also includes an Arcade Mode to reach the highest score, and a Challenge Mode that adds new hazards and penalties in order to unlock new tracks.

Old School Musical also supports local multiplayer with up to four players. It’s coming to digital stores on Switch and PC on September 13.

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