Frontier Developments announced the latest DLC pack for Planet Coaster. The Vintage Pack adds two new coasters, five new rides, and lots of scenery inspired by Coney Island-era theme parks. The Vintage Pack will be out next week, July 10, for $10.99.

The Vintage Pack adds two new wooden coasters: Zephyrus and Aces Sky. Zephyrus’ origins can be traced back to the 1920s. Aces Sky is a similar historic wooden coaster, but replaces the wooden tracks with a large wooden pipe.

The new vintage rides should be familiar to those who visit carnivals and fairs. Round the World is a Ferris Wheel with spinning gondolas. Loop Da Loop is an inverted swing ride. Test Flight puts riders in their own vintage aircraft that can spin and invert. Hurricane features high-speed twists and turns. Centrum is a classic centrifuge ride that spins at 50 degrees.

The Vintage Pack also adds a number of new scenery items and entertainment pieces. Fans of the classic movie Big will recognize Zoltan the fortune-teller booth. You’ll also find popcorn machines, lightbox lettering, and a barbershop quartet. Time to create a BioShock Infinite themed amusement park!

When the DLC pack launches on July 10, existing Planet Coaster owners will also receive a free content update. The update will add a new coaster, Mouse Hunt. Mouse Hunt is a “bumpy” coaster with sharp corners through a grid-based track. The update also adds new scenery pieces like the Claw/Crane Machine and colorful filters to help capture that vintage look in screenshots.

The Planet Coaster Vintage Pack DLC is out July 10.

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