Bethesda Game Studios isn’t normally a company to tease out games early. They enjoy waiting until a game is out that year before they even announce it, as evidenced recently by Fallout 76. Yet in closing out their E3 2018 press conference they confirmed two major releases they are working on: Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI.

Check out the very brief Starfield teaser above, and equally brief Elder Scrolls teaser below.

Starfield is one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. Rumors for years have surrounded the creation of all new science fiction franchise, done in the same first-person RPG style as Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Starfield would be Bethesda’s first all-new franchise in 25 years.

No release date has been given, and all we have is the teaser trailer. Judging by Todd Howard’s comment, Starfield will be their next big game to release.

Beyond even Starfield, Bethesda decided to confirm what we all could easily guess. Yes, they are actively developing The Elder Scrolls VI. Sadly we didn’t get a subtitle that clues us in to where this next entry will be set.

We know literally nothing beyond the fact that it’s being made, and probably still several years out. Let the speculations and fan theories begin!

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