En Mass Entertainment announced their action-oriented MMO TERA is now available for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. TERA has previously been available via PC since 2012, then switched to a free-to-play model the following year.

“Coming off a highly successful head start, TERA is ready for the masses to dive in and experience a true console MMORPG,” said Matt Denomme, Sr. Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment. “The development team at Bluehole has taken great care to ensure that TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retains all the depth of an MMO, along with visceral action combat and an intuitive user interface.”

The world of TERA features seven Final Fantasy-esque races and 13 classes.

The console version features customized controls streamlined for controllers. A new radial menu allows for quick access to weapons and items. A new Lock-On System keeps enemies in sight and helps support TERA’s action combat. As a nice perk, all controls can be completely remapped and customized.

TERA is known for its fast-paced combat system, which is more akin to third-person action games rather than other MMOs like World of Warcraft. Players have to actively dodge enemy attacks and correctly aim their own skills to unleash effective combos.

TERA also includes integrated streaming features via Twitch and Mixer, as well as in-game voice chat support.

The game is supported by purchasable loot boxes as well as mounts, items, and numerous cosmetic features.

TERA is rated M For Mature for Violence, Blood, and Suggestive Themes. It’s available for free on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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