Overwatch’s newest hero has been revealed. Brigitte Lindholm is the youngest daughter of Torbjorn. Like dad she’s an engineer, but she’s a Support class hero instead of Defense. Brigitte joins the cast as the 27th hero, the seventh Support hero, and the sixth post-launch hero addition since Overwatch released in May 2016.

Though Brigitte has familial ties to Torbjorn, she’s more connected in the lore to her godfather Reinhardt. As a fellow armored warrior she’s his protégé, and is finally ready to fight alongside him on the font lines.

As an armored Support hero, most of Brigitte’s abilities revolve around armor. Her healing packs can heal heroes, or provide additional layers of armor if they’re already at max health. She can deploy a frontal energy shield, similar to Reinhardt, and she can also use it to charge forward and stun her foes. The range on her Rocket Flail lets her hit multiple enemies at once, or knock them away using Whip Shot.

Briggite’s ultimate ability is Rally. Rally gives her a boost of speed, and provides armor to all nearby allies.

Brigitte is rated 1 out of 3 stars for difficulty, making her one of the easiest Support heroes to pick up. Previously the only one star Support was Mercy.

The Support class has seen the most additions since Overwatch’s release, with Brigittie being the third post-launch Support hero added. The only category that hasn’t seen a post-launch hero added is Defense. Fun Fact: five of the six post-launch heroes have been women (if you count the four-legged robot Orisa, who has a female voice).

As customary, Brigitte is first available for testing on the Public Test Region server.  She should be officially available on the main servers within a few weeks.

In related Overwatch news, Season 9 of Competitive Play begins today.

Overwatch is rated T for Teen.

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