During PAX South 2018 505 Games and Limbec Entertainment announced Memories of Mars. Memories of Mars is a new online survival sandbox that takes place on the abandoned frontier on the Red Planet. It will arrive on Steam Early Access this spring, with the full launch anticipated later this year.

“Memories of Mars will take players on an epic adventure of survival and exploration as they fight to overcome the mysterious dangers of the Red Planet in infinite ways,” said Stephan Winter, CEO of Limbic Entertainment. “We have created an immersive open world environment with seemingly endless possibilities in player progress and exploration all set against the strange and curious backdrop of the distant planet Mars.”

Memories of Mars takes place 100 years in the future. You play as a recently awakened clone who must explore and survive the now abanonded outposts that have been left behind. Naturally, something went terribly wrong.

You can sign up for the official newsletter via the website. Signing up will net you an exclusive camo pattern and a CZ 457 rifle, which will be a step up from the normal starting pistol. The camo pattern can be applied to equipment, armor and weapons. Once the rifle blueprint is obtained, players can produce as many as they wish. Both goodies are only available until the game launches on Early Access.

Memories of Mars is coming to Steam Early Access this spring.


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