Billed as the most powerful console ever made, the Xbox One X launched this week around the world, with launch parties in Microsoft stores across several major cities including New York City, Paris, London, Munich, and Mexico City. Xbox One X is retailing for $499.

As the Xbox One X supports the entire Xbox One library, it’s launching with over 1,300 games. Over 100 games, including Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War have released (or will release within the week) Xbox One X Enhanced updates to support the new 4k resolution.

“We built Xbox One X to give game creators the most powerful platform to bring their visions to life and to give gamers the best console to play the games of the past, present, and future,” said Phil Spencer, head of gaming at Microsoft. “We’re excited to offer gamers the world’s most powerful console with access to the largest games lineup in Xbox history – more than 1,300 titles and more than 220 exclusives.”

The Xbox One X includes 4k resolution for gaming as well as 4k Ultra HD Blue-Ray and streaming. It also features High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting and Dolby Atmos for 3D audio support. The Xbox One X provides improved textures, smoother frame rates, and faster load times.

Big Xbox One X ‘launch titles’ include Rise of the Tomb Raider, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and ARK: Survival Evolved. These are provided as free updates to anyone who has already purchased the games for Xbox One.

“Ever since the original announcement of the Xbox One X, we’ve been excited to see how far Microsoft would push the hardware specs, and how far that would let us push ARK,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard. “When gamers get their hands on this powerful new console, and of course, on the new build of ARK, we expect they’ll be just as impressed as we are with how much more visually immersive the world of ARK becomes.”

Xbox One X will also support PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the biggest PC games of the year, when it launches as a console exclusive on December 12.

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