RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Now Available on PC and Mac

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The original RollerCoaster Tycoon (1999) and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (2002) have been remastered as RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic originally launched last December on mobile devices. Now it’s also available on PC and Mac via Steam for $19.99.

“When I created the RollerCoaster Tycoon series nearly two decades ago, I never imagined that so many people all over the world would still enjoy the game today,” said Chris Sawyer, creator and producer of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. “It’s also great to see that fans still appreciate the classic gameplay of the two titles that started it all and I’m excited to deliver their best combined features and content in the form of RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic to Steam.”

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic features the same isometric, park-building gameplay of the originals. Build coasters, manage staff, decorate landscapes, and keep guests happy. There are over 90 scenarios spread out over RCT 1 and 2.

The PC and Mac version also includes the Scenario Editor Toolkit and the Wacky Worlds and Time Twister expansion packs that were released for RCT 2. The mobile version is much cheaper ($5.99), but the expansions and editor are sold as in-app purchases.

It’s been a great few years for fans of theme park management games. RCT 3 was released on mobile devices in 2015. For a modern take on the genre, Planet Coaster offers everything you’d want, along with regular seasonal updates and patches. Read our review of Planet Coaster here. It’s made by Frontier, the original developers of RCT3 and the RCT 2 expansion packs.

Atari published RollerCoaster Tycoon World in 2016, though reviews have not been kind.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic was produced by Chris Sawyer and developed by Origin8 Technologies. It’s available now on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and rated E for Everyone.


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