At Gamescom this week, Cities: Skylines unveiled a new expansion for the game called Green Cities. This new batch of content will allow players to envision and create environmentally friendly cities with a 21st-century flair. Electric cars and eco-friendly buildings are among the new features available to help make any city more sustainable. Players will be free to use these assets to build a pinnacle green city or mix them in with preexisting content for a more well-rounded urban center.

In total, Green Cities will introduce 350 new assets ranging from aesthetic to functional. Players will have access to new specialization buildings, service buildings, parks, and much more. The expansion will also introduce new specialization options for all of the city zones as well as the opportunity to level-up specializations. This latter feature is a first-time addition to Cities: Skylines. Gameplay will also be tailored to the green life with a set of new scenarios and policy options.

As per tradition, a free update of the base game will follow the expansion’s release. The update will feature a handful of new content including road modding and more parks and trees.

Cities: Skylines – Green Cities will be released sometime later this year. The price tag is set at $12.99 for PC, Mac, and Linux. More information about the game can be found here.

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