The line between MMORPGs and online survival-crafting games continues to blur. Snail Games have announced their upcoming online survival RPG Dark and Light is coming to Steam Early Access tomorrow, July 20, for $29.99. Feast your eyes on the new launch trailer above.

Dark and Light is described as a multiplayer sandbox, survival RPG, confirming that video game descriptors and genres still struggle to keep up with this current wave of online survival games like ARK: Survival Evolved. My kingdom for a succinct acronym.

The title refers to the side you take in the conflict of dark versus light. The Early Access version features a large, varied world called Archos with multiple biomes such as swamps, forests, and even floating islands. You can discover, craft, and cast dozens of spells, and you can tame a variety of creatures in the world – including dragons. You can also build houses and fortresses almost anywhere in the world, and you’ll need to defend it against enemies.

Some MMORPG fans may recognize the name Dark and Light. This new upcoming version is a complete reboot and overhaul of the original MMORPG that launched back in 2006. Back then it was a more traditional MMORPG like World of Warcraft. It was rushed to release full of bugs and light on content, and received largely negative reviews. The servers went offline in 2008.

Dark and Light has been rated T for Teen with Blood, Violence, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol.

According to its Steam page, Dark and Light is planning to remain in Early Access for a solid year. The price for the final game is expected to rise when it launches next year.

Dark and Light launches on Steam Early Access July 20.


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