Final Fantasy XV‘s latest DLC, Episode Prompto, lets players embark on an adventure with fan-favorite Prompto Argentum. The DLC was released yesterday and is the second of four add-ons for the game. Episode Prompto follows the photographer and friend of Prince Noctis, Prompto, after he is separated from his companions. In the main storyline, Prompto falls off a moving train in the midst of an imperial attack. The DLC picks up on his adventures as he journeys through the frozen wilderness and fends off imperial forces.

Episode Prompto features a new snowmobile vehicle, a Selfie Action function for snapping pictures, and the return of Commodore Aranea Highwind. Players will remember Aranea as a captain in Niflheim Empire’s army corps and a game boss who is later able to join the party. In the DLC, Aranea comes across Prompto in the woods and helps him outpace the imperials and return to his friends.

Before meeting Aranea, Prompto is captured by magitek and imprisoned in one of their research facilities. Once there, he learns a shocking and unpleasant truth about himself that shatters his sense of self. Aranea helps Prompto work through these revelations and take out magitek bigwig Verstael Besithia’s newest creation.

Square Enix has also released a new patch for the game that includes various fixes and upgrades for the Regalia. Players can now access the Type-D model of the car that features off-road abilities.

Episode Prompto can be purchased for $4.99 as a standalone item. Players who have already purchased Final Fantasy XV’s Season Pass can download the DLC for free.

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