Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas, the adventure RPG that started out as a mobile game, is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. This latest version of the game will include all of the updates made for the PC remaster. Players can expect 1080p at 60fps in TV Mode and 720p/60fps in Handheld Mode. Oceanhorn’s Switch release is set for June 22nd worldwide.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game will follow the same plot as the original Oceanhorn that first launched in 2013. Set in the fantasy world of Arcadia, Oceanhorn takes players on a journey across many different islands in the dangerous Uncharted Seas. The protagonist is a young adventurer whose father goes missing one day, leaving behind only a mysterious letter. Using the letter, the protagonist retraces his father’s steps in order to discover what really happened to him. This quest eventually leads our adventurer to the infamous sea monster Oceanhorn who he must confront for the well-being of Arcadia.

Many players have compared Oceanhorn to the classic Zelda series, especially 2002’s The Wind Waker which features a similar island setting. The game could therefore find a welcoming audience among Nintendo gamers. Indeed, players have been awaiting Oceanhorn’s launch on a Nintendo console ever since the developers hinted at such back when the game first made the jump from the mobile platform to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Since the launch date is still a couple weeks away, fans can stay updated by checking out Cornfox & Bros.’s Twitter account.

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