Final Fantasy XV is unleashing its first character-driven DLC, an additional story-based chapter called Episode Gladiolus. As the name suggests, this DLC focuses on Prince Noctis’ loyal friend and bodyguard, Gladiolus. Episode Gladiolus is now available for purchase. Square Enix has also released a free update of the base game that fixes up a few cutscene glitches.

The episode follows Gladiolus during his separation from the rest of the party in the main game. His defeat at the hands of High Commander Ravus awakens Gladiolus to the limits of his own strength as a bodyguard. Hoping to be a better protector for Noctis, Gladiolus leaves his friends and seeks out a series of heroic trials housed within ancient ruins. He teams up with a survivor of the trials called Cor and together they set out to challenge the Blademaster Gilgamesh.

Episode Gladiolus shakes up the usual style of play with its change in main character. Gladiolus tends to focus more on blocking and counterattacking during combat. The episode also adds a brand new area of Eos as well as some special items that carry over into the main game for players who beat the DLC. Those who complete the episode will also get to try out two new gameplay modes: “Score Attack” and “Final Trial.”

Fans can purchase Episode Gladiolus for $4.99 on PS4 or Xbox One. Those who already own the Season Pass will find the DLC ready for download.

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