Street Fighter V‘s Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) is getting an update and Capcom is giving players a sneak peek. The free trial will run from March 28th to April 3rd on Steam. Anyone hoping to get a glimpse of Season 2’s new features and enhancements should check out the CFN during this window of time.

Only the game’s online modes will be included in this trial, but new and current players alike are welcome to participate. Every available character will be unlocked for the sake of testing. Among the many improvements being made to the CFN is an update to the matchmaking system and loading times and a new friend management system. Capcom is also adding a feature called the Interactive Timeline that displays a live feed of friends’ recent activities. Players can add their own matches to the Replay List for their friends to see.

Another new feature is the “Rage Quit” Penalty System. An icon will appear on the profiles of people who frequently disconnect in the middle of matches, hopefully dissuading players from this kind of behavior. A few new additions will also allow players to pick from matches that are in their region and sort leaderboards by country and league. Finally, the game will now include an in-game announcer that will keep players updated with stats pulled from the server.

Once again, any PC players who access the game through Steam are welcome to join in during this trial run of CFN’s enhancements. Once the testing phase has concluded, the new and improved version of the Capcom Fighters Network will officially launch for both the PC and PS4.

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