Milestone, a studio known for their work on racing games, has announced a new IP called Gravel. The game will focus on off-road driving in a variety of locales and different weather conditions. Gravel’s multiple game modes, known as disciplines, will offer players a combination of open world and fixed track experiences. Cross Country, for instance, lets players explore an open area in their vehicle while hitting different checkpoints. Several of the other modes have players competing with each other to reach the finish line first or squaring off more directly in the struggle for first place.

Gravel will center around a feature called the Gravel Channel as players strive to sharpen their skills. The Gravel Channel is an in-game television program that tracks the player’s progress and captures their journey. The show will guide aspiring champions through different challenges across each of the game’s modes until they’re ready for the Final League. This ultimate competition will pit them against the previous champion to determine who is the true Offroad Master.

More information on Gravel will be released in the weeks to come. Fans can keep up to date through Milestone’s official Facebook page for the game. Gravel is set to release next summer for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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