Five years ago, Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive launched Crusader Kings II on computer platforms. Unlike plenty of other games, Crusader Kings II is still going strong after half a decade. Many updates and expansions have kept the medieval strategy game alive and in the hearts of fans who continue to play. Paradox plans to celebrate the community that has built up around the game over the years as they move forward into 2017.

First on the list is a free release of a new portrait pack that’s available today. The pack adds a collection of South Indian portraits to the game for extra variety.  Fans can download it from Steam here. Then, on the 15th, LongGameShort is putting out a new video in honor of the anniversary. LongGameShort is a YouTuber in the community known for his funny animated videos. Many of them are based on Crusader Kings II and include jokes for fans and devs alike.

Paradox wants to thank its loyal players for their support over the last five years. However, they’re also keeping the door open for newcomers. Crusader Kings II is currently on sale at the Paradox store for anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about. Fans of history games who like the role-playing strategy genre should definitely give it a chance.

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