Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop brings the Cooking Mama franchise to Nintendo 3DS. Rising Star Games, the studio behind the series, has announced that they’re partnering with Office Create to develop a Cooking Mama game for this family of platforms. Sweet Shop is set to release in April across a number of different countries in the west including the U.S. and Canada. The game has been available for eastern players since November 2014, much to the chagrin of western fans. Rising Star Games is excited to finally bring international players into the fold.

Like other games in the series, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop has players whipping up a variety of desserts from a total of 60 unique recipes. Each step of the preparation process translates to a specific minigame and may require use of the stylus or even the microphone. Once they’ve cooked up or baked a dessert, players can serve it to a customer in the shop. Pleasing the customers is the player’s number one job and ultimate goal. They can keep the business running by artfully arranging the display and growing the shop by creating more and more sweets. Players can also challenge their friends to a cook-off through the competitive multiplayer mode.

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