Nexon America is bringing Korean MOBA Hyper Universe to the West. Hyper Universe combines a side-scrolling action-platformer with the team-based gameplay of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. A new cinematic trailer was released. It shows off the game’s cartoony art style and comedic character designs.

Hyper Universe features a large roster of characters called “hypers,” most of whom are caricatures of popular figures from action films, sci-fi worlds and other video games. Hypers range from “a mage who rains down giant snowmen” to “a mongoose riding astride an armored rhinoceros.” Hypers represent various offensive, defensive, and supportive roles found in MOBAs. Hyper Universe features six total character classes: Striker, Technician, Bruiser, Tank, and Supporter.

Online matches task teams with defending their turrets while destroying their opponent’s turrets. The map spans multiple levels that characters can dash and jump across using full keyboard controls. New map variants are currently in development.

You can register at the Hyper Universe website to be notified on upcoming beta tests. Hyper Universe open beta began in South Korea in November.

Hyper Universe will be playable for the first time in the West at PAX South this weekend. Look for my hands-on preview from PAX South next week!

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