The third and final planned DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Last Stand, is still forthcoming. But Ubisoft has finally detailed what the Last Stand will add, as well as providing details to the upcoming 1.6 Update. Last Stand will be a paid add-on (and part of The Division Season Pass), while the 1.6 Update will be free to all players.

Here’s the official description for Expansion III: Last Stand:

When the situation in the Dark Zone escalated, as the outbreak spiraled out of control and all semblance of civilization collapsed, the Joint Task Force was forced to withdraw from the area, leaving behind important tactical terminals; SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information. Now, Rogue agents are closing in on those relays and if they manage to get their hands on the information, it would be catastrophic for the SHD and the mission to save New York. It will be your job, together with a group of seven other Division agents, to stop that from happening.

Last Stand adds an all new game mode based around the Player vs Player combat of the Dark Zone. Two teams of eight players (four in each team) will fight another eight-player group over objectives. The Dark Zone will be split into four maps, with two of them representing the new areas of the Dark Zone coming in the 1.6 Update. Each map has multiple control points and terminals your team will need to capture and hold.

NPCs foes will still be present, including at the control points. Defeating these foes can earn your team special rewards, such as turrets or pulse scanners to defend your home base. The bonuses are temporary and NPCs will continuously respawn throughout a match.

Last Stand is a separate multiplayer game mode where normal Dark Zone rules don’t apply. There are no consequences for killing enemy agents, and you don’t lose anything on death. Friends can queue up with up to three others in a group (joining another four-person team). Everyone will need to be level 30 to play, however. For lore reasons, your side will always be Division agents while the enemy will be labeled as Rogues.

Since the Last Stand plays more like traditional matchmaking multiplayer, the game will factor in your Gear Score as well as tracking your performance to try and match you with players of a similar skill level. For groups of friends it will average the gear and skill of everyone in the group.

As with The Division’s first expansion, Underground, Last Stand will add its own Last Stand Ranks. These ranks can be used to gain unique rewards, including vanity sets and weapons skins.

Releasing at the same time as Last Stand is a large 1.6 Update, which will add the following features:

  • New Dark Zone areas – The final, previously closed off Northern areas of the Dark Zone will be opened. They provide “some of the coolest and eeriest set pieces in The Division.”
  • Contamination events – A new hourly event in the Dark Zone will add lethal virus levels in a contaminated area underground along with elite Cleaners.
  • Dark Zone leaderboards – Leaderboards will be added that track various PvP and PvE activities done in the Dark Zone.
  • Legendary difficulty – A new hardcore difficulty will be added to three missions – Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant, and Napalm Production Site. Enemies have been completely replaced with smarter, more powerful foes that use a range of tactics. It’s the most challenging content in the game, and offers unique vanity items as rewards.
  • Exotic items – Named weapons and gear will be called Exotics, receiving their own lore text, color coding, and unique talents.

There’s a lengthy, detailed blog post that goes over all the massive changes coming with 1.6, including PvP balancing and changes coming to health, armor and the economy.

No release date was given for Last Stand and 1.6 other than “in the near future.”  The 1.6 Update will first be available on the Public Test Server for testing.

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