In recent years PC gaming digital service has picked up the slack in sale promotions. While Steam has dialed back from gimmicky mini-games and timed deals, revels in them. The Monstrous Fall Sale begins this week, with tons of new and old PC games for up to 90% off.

The Monstrous Fall Sale will highlight a number of deals each day. Highlights include The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for $19.99 (50% off), Torchlight II for $2.99 (85% off), and Stardew Valley at $11.19 (25% off).

Once again the bundles have some of the best deals if you’re willing to buy in bulk. The sale also features several Build Your Bundles, letting you pick and choose from a publisher’s library such as Telltale or Interplay. You’ll need to pick about half the games in the bundle to get the best deal.

Like GoG’s previous sales, The Monstrous Fall Sale has its own badges, XP, and free games to earn. First, you can grab Little Big Adventure 2 completely free within the first 48 hours of the sale (that promo ends early Saturday morning, US time).

Purchasing any games on sale nets you some XP. $1 is 1000 XP. Earning enough XP rewards you with free games.

  • At 5000XP you get Expeditions: Conquistador
  • 15,000xp gives you Dex
  • 30,000xp rewards Victor Vran

You can also get XP from earning badges. Badges are designed to encourage you to view different GoG features, such as GoG Wallet and GoG Galaxy, or adding games to your wishlist. You also get a small bit of XP for checking in every day of the sale.

Finally GoG will use its popular twitch channel to host community playthroughs. Certain goals will be given, and if completed will earn everyone some XP. The twitch stream kicks off with Stardew Valley.

The Monstrous Fall Sale ends November 13.

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