Electronic Arts confirmed during their latest investor call, that a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront is set for release in the fall of 2017. According to Polygon, in response to an analyst question, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said the game would be coming a year from now.

“”We’re working very hard on making sure that is an extremely deep and engaging offering,” Jorgensen said on the call. Hopefully that means we’ll be getting a campaign mode featuring a story. Battles in Star Wars have always been fun, but it’s the story that has made the franchise so popular. Almost everyone can tell you the main characters from the original trilogy because they’ve become so entrenched in popular culture. Even though you could briefly spawn as most of those characters during battles in the first Battlefront, not much else was said about them.

The Star Wars craze has once again been united with last’s years release of the Episode VII film release, and a spinoff film called Rogue One is slated to hit theaters this December.

Besides Battlefront, EA has a bunch of Star Wars games in development. They’ve got the exclusive license to the franchise for a limited time, so they’re making the most of it while they can. There are two third-person action adventure games in development, one that’s being developed by Visceral Games and one being made Respawn Entertatinment, who just released Titanfall 2 to great success.

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