Earlier this week, we reported about the possibility of SAG-AFTRA, the union of voice actors, going on strike. They’ve been unable to reach an agreement with major game publishers over a number items, but most prominently work conditions.

A statement on the official site for the organization says they’ve spent more than 19 months trying to reach agreement and that came to a head yesterday. Those negotiations failed to prove a positive solution, so the group announced the strike this morning.

“SAG-AFTRA has gone to the negotiations table with serious concerns affecting voiceover and stunt performers,” said SAG-AFTRA Chief Contracts Officer Ray Rodriguez in a release on the official website. “It’s time for video game employers to take our proposals seriously and negotiate a modern contract based on actor safety, industry precedent and best practices.”

Here a list the specific issues according to a statement on the official site.

  • Contingent Compensation
  • Safety on the Set
  • Producers Hide Important Information
  • Voice Actors Face Debilitating Injury
  • Employers Are Not Taking Us Seriously

SAG-AFTRA plans to hold a picket line outside of the Playa Vista office of Electronic Arts.

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