Dino-riding survival game ARK: Survival Evolved remains one of the most played Early Access games on Steam. Updates and patches are common. But this week saw a surprising addition: procedurally generated maps. ARK provides a large but static world to hunt, explore, and craft. Previously you’d have to download major mods to play in new maps. Now anyone can generate their own dinosaur island.

Players can choose from several different sliders and filters to determine the type of biome, amount of water, etc. “Procedurally generated maps bolster ARK’s replay value and player creativity level, adding a whole new dimension to the already immense game,” states the press release.

Patch 248 also adds three new dinosaurs. The Kaprosuchus Paludentium resembles a cross between a raptor and a crocodile. It likes to ambush its prey. The Diplocaulus Natatorinutrix is an amphibious creature with a shovel-shaped head. Players can ride them underwater and, uh, suck their air bladders for oxygen. The Chalicotherium Obsideoquus (seriously with these names) can be trained as an artillery unit, lobbing rocks at enemies.

The new patch also adds the option to spay and neuter your tamed dinos. Bob Barker would be proud.

ARK: Survival Evolved is still under development since its initial release on Steam Early Access in Summer 2015. It’s currently available on Steam as well as Xbox One. It’s due for final release this holiday season.

Recently a paid expansion pack was released that added a new desert island.  ARK: Scorched Earth also features new items and creatures. It’s on sale this week for the first time since its release last month.

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