On early Sunday morning Rockstar Games shared a single red image on their social media pages. The image (above) shows the game company’s logo on a red background. The gaming community went wild with speculation – most notably that this simple image is teasing Rockstar’s rumored next game in the Red Dead series.

Since then, Rockstar has sprinkled in a few more teaser images. On Monday morning they transformed their cover photos and profile pictures to reflect the Red and Black artwork. The cover photos on Twitter and Facebook show a setting sun with the silhouettes of half a dozen Cowboy-looking figures. That’s a clear smoking gun that something to do with Red Dead is going down.

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Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was met with universal praise from critics (95 on Metacritic). As of last year it’s sold over 14 million units. It was an open-world sequel to 2004’s Red Dead Revolver.

Red Dead Redemption is considered by many (including this humble writer) to be one of the greatest games of the previous generation. Its immersive Old West setting, superior writing and characters, breadth of content, and enjoyable multiplayer offerings made it a beloved title.

Despite its success it never reached the level of commercial sales as Rockstar Games’ flagship Grand Theft Auto series. It has yet to receive an HD-remaster nor even a PC port. This last Summer, Red Dead Redemption was added to the list of playable games via Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program, and sales surged once again.

Rockstar Games has been exceedingly quiet on any news involving the Red Dead series – until now. Stay tuned to Pixelkin on what appears to be a carefully planned announcement.

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