When I first heard the title Burly Men at Sea, images of some type of brawler or weird strategy game are what came to mind. But the game is probably the furthest thing from that assumption. The game is in fact an interactive novel and I came away from the demo filled with anticipation for the full release.

Burly Men at Sea is what the title suggests. Three burly fisherman discover a map caught in their net one day and decide it might be the key to great adventure. The gameplay involved is clicking and dragging. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. In the demo, I got to play the first part of the story. After finding the map, the burly men head back to the village to see if anyone knows anything about it. Out of luck, they get back on their ship and head back out to sea.

Then their ship gets swallowed by a whale. That’s an adventure in itself. Inside the whale’s stomach they encounter a group of nymphs who worship the whale, sitting around the fire. The nymphs tell the men how to get out of the whale. You can probably guess what that is. That’s when the demo ended.

What I saw of the story seemed to be cleverly written and the art style is simple and clean. I’m very much looking forward to the full game when it’s released for PC and mobile at the end of this month.

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