This year’s Wizard World Comic Con Chicago will be tapping into the Pokémon Go craze that has captured the hearts and phone battery charges of many. The convention runs from Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st, but Pokémon Go fans will want to make sure they’re in attendance on Saturday.

The con will be hosting trainer team meetups throughout the afternoon that day, allowing players the chance to mingle with their in-game allies. All of the meetups will take place in the XP Lounge on the second floor of the convention center with Team Valor meeting at noon, Team Mystic at 1 p.m. and Team Instinct at 2 p.m.

The people behind Wizard World Chicago hope to further Pokémon Go’s goal of bringing people together by offering fans a place to meet. If this isn’t enough incentive, players can also expect the opportunity to win prizes by entering one of the many available raffles. Either way, fans will find themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals as they trade tips, battle at Gyms, and enjoy everything else the convention has to offer.

Wizard World Comic Con Chicago is run by Wizard World Inc., a company that produces different conventions across the continent. For more information on 2016’s Wizard World Chicago, click here.

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