Nintendo released the newest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, and it’s full of new information.

We start with classic Pokémon that have been remixed. Originals from the first generation like Exxegutor and Vulpix now come in unique regional variants. They have adapted to the Alola islands. Exeggutor now looks like a palm tree, and changes to a Grass/Dragon type. Vulpix, Sandshrew, and their evolutions appear in a diamond-like form, giving them the Ice typing.

Next we’re introduced to Oricorio, a tropical bird that comes in four different varieties. Each form represents a different style of dancing, from the Psychic/Flying hula dancer to the Fire/Flying Baile Style. The birds represent each of the four large islands of Alola. Every version of Oricorio has the new Dancer Ability, allowing it to repeat any dancing move that an opponent or ally performs.

pokemon sun and moon

pokemon sun and moonMinior is the Meteor Pokémon. It also holds an inner surprise. It’s rock-hard shell provides the Shields Down Ability, affording excellent defenses. But when its HP drops below half the shell cracks open, revealing a colorful inner core that’s more offense oriented. The core can come in a variety of colors – and you won’t know until it cracks open.

The evolution of Yungoos was revealed. Gumshoos stands upright with its arms folded neatly behind its back. Its scowling face and combed back hair remind me of a certain US presidential candidate.

We were treated to Fomantis and its evolution, Lurmantis. The Grass Sickle Pokémon can equip powerful Grass moves. Lurantis shows off the crazy awesome Solar Blade in the trailer.

Finally we get Mudsdale’s pre-evolution form, the donkey Mudbray. Donkeys don’t normally grow up to be horses, but hey, it’s Pokémon.

Even more interesting than the new Pokémon reveals are the new gameplay tidbits. Pokémon riding returns from X/Y. It’s also expanded into sea and air. Flying on a Charizard? Yes please!

pokemon sun and moon

The Island Challenge looks like it’s the new main quest in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Each of the four islands has its own Trial Captain. Trials involve both battling and mini-games. The trailer teases a scavenger hunt and dancing.

Afterwards you must battle a totem Pokémon, a powerful boss battle with a supercharged opponent that can call in allies. Finally you can challenge the island’s Kahuna, which looks more like a traditional gym battle. This is quite the shake-up compared to previous games that used the simple eight-gym structure.

Pokémon X/Y introduced Mega Evolutions, a once per battle super-form for certain Pokémon. Pokémon Sun and Moon is giving us the “Z-Move.” Z-Moves are powerful once per battle attacks. Each Pokémon type has its own, and they have their own fancy JRPG-style cutscenes to show off their power.

Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out November 18 (Nov 23 for Europe).

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