I have to say. Tekken 7, the most recent entry in the storied 3D fighting game franchise, was shown at the Microsoft E3 2016 Media Briefing and it was really weird.

It was weird for two reasons:

  1. Tekken has never been associated with the Xbox brand.
  2. The trailer heavily features the STREET FIGHTER character Akuma.

Yeah. I know that they made Street Fighter X Tekken, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

The trailer that Bandai Namco showed off began as a deep and gorgeous cinematic trailer transformed into a standard Tekken match. I had thought this was just on-stage E3 trickery, but once the dust settled the presenters announced that the entire thing was, in fact, a gameplay demo.

Tekken 7 is, somehow, going to focus heavily on its story. It will do so by using a storytelling system that will seamlessly combine storytelling segments and one on one battles.

Microsoft and Bandai Namco  also stated that the game will include enhanced fighting mechanics and a “slew” of new characters to the game before its release in early 2017. I am not certain how many characters would equal a “slew,” but the character rosters were always one of the high points of the Tekken franchise.

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