Rock Band 4 has been quite different than its predecessors. One of the differences was the absence of a “practice mode,” a feature that had been included in previous entries of the game. Harmonix has been slowly working in updates to the game. And the next free update will include a practice mode…finally.

Practice Mode allows you to slow down the gameplay to learn tricky segments of the songs. Then you can gradually speed up, hopefully giving you the chops to play the song correctly in the other modes. The full details about practice mode can be found on Harmonix’s blog.

Practice Mode will be part of a free update to the game this month. But that’s not only thing. There will be new songs available for purchase as well. Announced songs include:

  • Blues Traveler “Hook”
  • My Chemical Romance “Famous Last Words”

There also some other artists on tap to appear in the next month. These include:

  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Imagine Dragons
  • The Killers
  • MAGIC!
  • Three Days Grace
  • Toto


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