Critically acclaimed Adventures of Pan saw its seventh and final chapter released on May 26. Called Pan: Han Awakening, this chapter completes the story that follows the exploits of a panda bear named Pan. The entire series is also now available iPhone.

The Adventures of Pan sees the fearless main character as she searches for her parents. Along the way she meets a number of friends who help her on her quest. The series is more than just a book on a screen. It includes more than 100 interactive scenes, pulling kids into the experience beyond the aim of teaching them to read. Hullabalu, the developer, did lots of research into how to develop an engaging story that takes inspiration from stories around the world.

Another major factor in the Adventures of Pan is that the lead character is female, which is something not often seen in media aimed at all kids. Hullabalu hopes to help change the way characters are portrayed in kids’ books, games and movies to give females more involved roles.

The complete collection of the seven stories of the Adventures of Pan is available on the app store for both iPhone and iPad for $29.99. Individual chapters are available for  $4.99. Pixelkin has been provided a review code and I’ll be taking a deeper dive into the series soon.

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